Aaron Derington, owner of SmackDab!, has taught marimba & drums for over 7 years. He emphasizes jazz technique & musicality to provide a strong foundation that can be applied to other music genres.


Drum & Marimba lessons are 

structured to help students:



Let's rock. 




  • practice & master sight-reading skills


  • improve limb independence & coordination on drums


  • master two & four mallet marimba techniques


  • learn snare drum rudiments


  • play consistent tempos with a solid rhythmic feel


  • gain experience playing multiple genres


  • understand the role of the percussionist


  • learn how to play within a group

Aaron uses method & instruction books by the following authors based on students' ages & skill level:

Gary Chaffee

Gary Chester

Mitchell Peters

John Pratt

George Lawrence Stone


Doug Edwards
Morris Goldenberg
George Hamilton Green
Jon Madin

Have questions? FAQs here or email Aaron.